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Can I Use Chemicals Near My Family and Pets to Control Pests?

04.6 - can my family and pets use pest control chemicals

The safety of the pesticides for your children and pets may be a concern if you have an insect or pest problem in your home. The simplest answer is that they are harmless when correctly sprayed by a licensed local pest control company. Since they represent the least risk to people and other animals, rodents […]

Can Asthma or Allergies be Caused by Pests

04.3 - can pests cause allergies or asthma

People with allergies and asthma, of which there are more than 100 million in the U.S., are most busy in the spring. Because of this, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has made May National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. Vista Pest Control, your local pest, mosquito, and termite control expert, is taking part […]

What Brings Bugs Into Your Yard?

01.3 - why are insects are attracted to your backyard

This summer, while you and your family are enjoying your garden, patio, and porch, you might see bugs that are looking for a place to hang out. These intruders are not your neighbors who are just interested. It’s an aphid. Since insects are naturally nocturnal, they want to be close to places where they can […]

How Do I Stop Pests From Entering My Home

07 - pest entry points

A common question from many locals is how these pests are even getting into my home. Whatever they could was the answer. Many problems in the California area can fit through little gaps; for instance, bark scorpions may squeeze through a crevice just 1/8″ broad or the width of a credit card. Roof rats need […]

Commercial Pest Control: Protecting Your Business Reputation

07 - commercial pest control

One of your primary objectives as a company owner is to maintain a good reputation. Your business property’s security and cleanliness are critical components of its importance. Unfortunately, warm weather encourages many pests to flourish, which may be disastrous to your company. This article discusses the necessity of commercial pest control in protecting your business’s […]