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Are you searching for a pest company that will help you exterminate different types of ants that have infested you home? Look no more! Our company has been solving severe ant infestations for a decades and we’ve learned how to do it quickly, effectively, and on a worthwhile budget.

Common Causes of Ant Infestation

Where there is food, there are bound to be ants. Ants are frequent home invaders because they make for easy access to enticing food sources. Black ants are often attracted to sweet foods and pet food and forage their way indoors through cracks and crevices. 

Crazy ants, pavement ants, big-headed ants, rover ants and other common ants that we find throughout the Midwest are attracted to various types of food based upon the type of ant and the age of the colony.

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Carpenter Ants

The ant is dark in color and has four different species and mainly infests homes built in wooded rural areas. They mostly nest in wood decayed by moisture or damage by other insects, however they do not damage fresh or new wood or “eat ” wood as their name might imply. Generally, they forage for food, particularly at night.

Odorous House Ants

These ants’ lives throughout the United States but tend to be less in desert environments such as the Southwest. They range from black and brown in color and may be identified by the rotten coconut odor they release when crushed. The ants usually nest outdoors and usually nest on stacks of materials like stones, wood or cardboards. In the case of an indoor nest, they are often found near water sources such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Fire Ants

This ant has six different species, but the most troublesome species is referred to as the Red Imported Fire Ant and lives throughout the southern United States. The ant is mainly identified by its red, black or brown color with the abdomen darker than the rest of the body. They mainly nest in sunny open areas such as lawns, or molds of soil. The ant is turned aggressive especially if they nest on soil and the soil is disturbed. They feed mainly on protein foods and plants including seeds and fruits.


Living with bed bugs, not to mention sleeping with them, can be very uncomfortable and unhealthy. Don’t allow bed bugs in your home keep you up at night, or bed bugs found in your hotel keep your guests complaining.

There are many different types of cockroaches to keep an eye out. No matter what kind you discover in your home or commercial property, it’s best to have them exterminated immediately.

Termites are a serious matter. In only a short period of time, a termite colony can cause lots of dollars worth of structural damage to your home. When you have a feeling termites on your property, you need to act right away.

Flea infestations constantly come from a pet dog or cat. The pests attach to the animal when it’s outside, and then infest its fur and the places it sleeps indoors.

Spiders are frequently one of the most terrifying pests. Though beneficial for our ecology, most people choose spiders to stay outside where they belong.

Rodents may look cute but unless you’re keeping them as pets, you’re not going to want them hanging around your home for extended periods of time.


Once ants get inside your home or business, it is beyond belief they will go away on their own. It’s best to know and identify the species of ants to work on the correct method of ant control. Calling up the help Vista Pest Control is the best approach to ensure your home or business receives the proper treatment. When you hire us, your service technician will work with your specific situation to create the best approach for exterminating ants and keeping them out of your house in the future. This can include interior and exterior treatments and sealing up entry points around your building.