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Ways to Know If You Have Bed Bugs at Home

07 - bed bug infestation

Bed bugs are among the most disgusting pests in the world. They’re also adaptable: being natural travelers, they may spread quickly via clothing and luggage to new homes, offices, hotels, airlines, and even retail stores. In this post, we’ll review the signs of bed bugs in your home so you know when to call the […]

How Do I Stop Pests From Entering My Home

07 - pest entry points

A common question from many locals is how these pests are even getting into my home. Whatever they could was the answer. Many problems in the California area can fit through little gaps; for instance, bark scorpions may squeeze through a crevice just 1/8″ broad or the width of a credit card. Roof rats need […]

Commercial Pest Control: Protecting Your Business Reputation

07 - commercial pest control

One of your primary objectives as a company owner is to maintain a good reputation. Your business property’s security and cleanliness are critical components of its importance. Unfortunately, warm weather encourages many pests to flourish, which may be disastrous to your company. This article discusses the necessity of commercial pest control in protecting your business’s […]

How To Safely Remove Wasps From Your Vista Property

07 - remove wasps from home

For those Vista residents who own houses, wasps pose a persistent menace. Social wasps come in around a thousand different species. The essential characteristic distinguishing social wasps from other wasp species is the size of their extended families. Wasps are always looking for a secure place laying eggs, and if they do, they might represent […]

Why Do Ants Keep Coming Back To My Vista Home?

07 - ants invade homes

Ants are among the most tenacious pests. Vista residents must deal with. Ants are colonial insects that build nests behind walls and between floors. Ants can readily explore their environment without risking their colony since they research each region independently. When an exploding ant finds anything beneficial to the colony, it will alert others. Ant […]

What Should I Do If I Think My Vista Home Has Termites?

07 - termites invade homes

Termites are among the most feared pests. Among Vista residents. Termites are a rising concern nationwide, and Vista is no exception. Termites are one of the most dangerous house pests in your home. Termite removal may be difficult after they’ve settled in, particularly if you need help understanding their routines and tendencies. We can assist […]

California Ants: A Quick Reference

California Ants: A Quick Reference | Vista Pest Control

Your California home may be being overrun by ants. This is due to the unexpected rise in importance of these insects over the entire state of California. It’s likely that some people won’t find it frightening, but for others, it might be very terrible. So why do you think there may be an insect invasion? […]

Techniques for Getting Rid of Bugs in Your Home

Techniques for Getting Rid of Bugs in Your Home | Vista Pest Control

Even if you personally don’t like bugs, they can ruin a quiet outdoor lunch. You might not be aware that some of your routine behaviors really prevent insects, though. In nature, many enticing scents serve a useful purpose by deterring insect pests from resting on plants. Find out more about these odors that repel insects. […]

Home Centipede Infestation Warning Signs

Home Centipede Infestation Warning Signs

What are House Centipedes? House Centipedes, also known as Scutigera coleoptrata, are nocturnal insects that can be found throughout the United States. They have elongated, worm-like bodies that vary in color, from yellowish to dark brown, and often have darker markings. These insects are normally between 1 to 1½ inches long and can have up […]

Do Home Remedies for Bed Bugs Work?

Do Home Remedies for Bed Bugs Work? | Vista Pest Control

It can be tempting to take matters into your own hands to get rid of these nasty bugs as early as possible if you discover bed bug infestation symptoms in your house. But are home remedies for bed bugs effective? Whatever bug you’re dealing with, there are probably some over-the-counter medicines and hardware store brands […]