Important Questions to Ask the Best Pest Control Company in California

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Many homeowners don’t think about hiring a professional pest control service until they see a mouse or a bug in their home. These pests can carry diseases and can cause damage to your property.  Before hiring a pest exterminator service, make sure that you thoroughly research the company and its services. Before you hire a […]

8 señales de chinches

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Las chinches son una seria amenaza para la sociedad, y si no se soluciona el problema desde el principio, puede salirse de control. Los chinches se alimentan de la sangre, pero en su mayoría buscan animales porque las personas son más difíciles de encontrar. Las chinches prefieren la sangre humana porque tienen un mayor acceso. […]

8 Signs of Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are a serious menace to society, and if you do not take care of the problem early on, it can get out of hand. The bed bugs feed off the blood, but they mostly go for animals because people are harder to find. Bed bugs prefer to go for human blood because they […]

9 formas comprobadas de deshacerse de las hormigas de su cocina

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Las hormigas son plagas que pueden dejar tu cocina desordenada y poco apetecible. Nadie quiere ver estos insectos en sus encimeras, arrastrándose por el suelo o instalándose en su despensa. ¡Pero no todo esta perdido! Existen algunos métodos comprobados para deshacerse de estos molestos insectos de la cocina de una vez por todas. Aquí hay […]

9 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Ants From Your Kitchen

Pest Control | Vista Pest Control - Blog (How to Remove Ants from Kitchen)

Ants are pests that can make your kitchen messy and unappetizing. Nobody wants to see these insects on their countertops, crawling across the floor, or taking up residence in their pantry. But not all is lost!  There are some tried-and-true methods for getting rid of these pesky insects from the kitchen once and for all. […]

Carpet Beetle Rash & Bites: Allergic Reactions & Side Effects

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Carpet beetle is a type of pest that hides either in the carpet or any other dark place where you cannot easily notice it. It is tiny in size, which complicates the possibility of seeing it even more. If you sleep or lay on the carpet, they may bite you. The bite has some side […]

¿Cómo comienzan las colonias de termitas? Enjambre y brotación

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Las termitas son uno de los insectos más destructivos que los propietarios temen. Pueden causar graves daños estructurales a su casa al excavar en la madera y anidar dentro de la estructura. Sin embargo, el deterioro a menudo toma tiempo y no ocurre instantáneamente. En la mayoría de los casos, ni siquiera se dará cuenta […]

How Do Termite Colonies Start? Swarming & Budding

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Termites are one of the most destructive insects that homeowners fear. They can cause serious structural damage to your home by burrowing into wood and nesting inside the structure. However, deterioration often takes time and does not happen instantly. In most cases, you won’t even realize you have a major problem until the termite colony […]