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8 Steps To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

8 Steps To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation


The best method to guard against the possibility of having to deal with bed bugs is to ensure that your offense is effective. Most frequently, we end up carrying bed bugs home with us when we visit a place where they are already present, like a hotel, dorm, or even a friend’s home.


You can take precautions to make it less likely that bed bugs will decide to make your home their new home. The eight most effective methods to entirely halt an infestation’s spread have been gathered into a list by us.

  1. It is not advisable for you to regularly keep goods stored in the area under your bed. By doing so, you will provide bed bugs with the ideal place to hide while still being close to your mattress. Another possibility, which is also a very serious one, is that you unintentionally store something that is already contaminated with them.
  2. Containers made of plastic should not be used since bed bugs find it difficult to pass through or around them. If you need to store anything that can draw any form of bug, including bed bugs, using glass containers or plastic storage bags will help a lot in stopping any ability from spreading.
  3. Keep Everything Organized: Keep everything off the floor, including the clothes, as much as it is possible. If a bed bug has been able to latch onto a piece of clothing you possess, there’s a chance it’ll decide to make your closet or dresser it’s new permanent home.
  4. Enclosures Created Just for You: By investing in a dust-mite-proof cover, you can shield your mattress and box spring from these pesky insects. You may help create a barrier between yourself and any potential bed bugs by using a cover like this one.
  5. Establish a Regular Schedule for Thorough Vacuuming: Any and all stray bed bugs can be eliminated and prevented from appearing if you make it a point to keep up a program of regular vacuuming. To stop bed bugs from reentering the house after vacuuming, make sure the bag or canister is empty and disposed of in an outdoor trash can.
  6. Prior to your journey, take the necessary safety precautions: Before unpacking any luggage, including clothes and personal belongings, when traveling and staying at a motel, hotel, or even a dorm room, it is crucial to conduct a careful room inspection. Close examination is necessary of the walls, the carpet, the draperies, and the areas around them. Examining the bed carefully for any indications of bed bugs’ presence is the most important step.
  7. On arrival home, wash everything. To make sure that you don’t bring bed bugs home with you and they don’t set up residence in your house permanently, you should wash everything you brought with you as soon as you get home. In addition to shared items like baggage and clothing, bed bugs can also be spread from one person to another through a number of additional means. When you go home, one of the first things you should do is wash everything you have, including your clothes, handbags, luggage, and backpacks. This is great counsel, I must say.
  8. Once a week is recommended for washing sheets. One of the best things you can do to prevent bed bugs is to make sure that all of your bed linens are washed once a week or more frequently. The bed bugs and any eggs they have laid should be cleaned at the greatest and hottest temperature which is practical because heat will help to kill any bed bugs that are still alive.

Check the hotel, motel, or rental unit where you will be staying before unpacking your belongings.

Following all of the suggestion to prevent a bed bug infestation can help you prevent an infestation the best. You should get in touch with the nearest bed bug exterminator as soon as possible if you suspect you may already be experiencing a bed insect infestation. Early preventive action can spare you the trouble and financial strain of future, more expensive treatments.


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