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8 Steps To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

8 Steps To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation


The greatest way to protect oneself from the danger of having to deal with bed bugs is to make sure that one’s offense is strong. The majority of the time, we pick up bed bugs when we visit a location that already has them, such as a hotel, a dorm room, or even the house of a friend.


There are steps that can be taken to lessen the likelihood that a bed bug will choose your residence as its new habitat. We have compiled a list of the eight best techniques that are known to stop an infestation from spreading completely.


  1. It is not recommended that you make it a routine to store things in the region that is located under your bed. If you do this, you will create an environment that is just right for bed bugs to conceal themselves while yet being close to your mattress. You also run the risk of unwittingly storing something that is already infested with them, which is a very real scenario.
  2. Bed bugs have a tough time moving through or around items made of plastic or glass, thus containers made of plastic are not recommended. The use of glass containers or plastic storage bags will go a long way toward preventing any ability spreading if you need to store anything that could attract any kind of bug, including bed bugs.
  3. Maintain a Lack of Clutter: To the extent that it is at all possible, keep all of the clutter, including clothes, off the floor. If a bed bug has managed to attach itself to a piece of clothing that you own, then there is a chance that it will decide to make either your closet or your dresser its new permanent residence.
  4. Enclosures Tailored to Your Needs: You should protect your mattress and box spring from dust mites by purchasing a cover that is dust-mite-proof. By using such a cover, you will be able to assist in the formation of a protective barrier between yourself and any potential bed bugs.
  5. Maintain a Routine of Thorough Vacuuming: If you make it a point to maintain a routine of thorough vacuuming, you will be able to eliminate and avoid the occurrence of any and all stray bed bugs. When you are finished vacuuming, it is important to make sure that the bag or canister is emptied into a trash can located outside in order to prevent the bed bugs from escaping back into the home.
  6. Take the Necessary Safety Measures Before You Travel: When going on a trip and staying in a motel, hotel, or even a dorm room, it is important to perform a thorough room inspection before unpacking any of the luggage, including clothing and personal effects. The carpet, the drapes, the walls, and the regions around them are all things that require close inspection. The most essential step is to examine the bed in great detail for any signs that could indicate the presence of bed bugs.
  7. Wash Everything Upon Returning Home As soon as you return home, you should wash everything you took with you to ensure that you do not have bed bugs that may have hitched a ride home with you and are now residing in your home permanently. Bed bugs can be transferred from one person to another in a variety of ways, including through shared belongings, luggage, and clothing. When you get back to your house, one of the first things you should do is wash all of your belongings, including your clothes, handbags, backpacks, and luggage. This is a piece of sound advice.
  8. Sheets should be washed once a week. One of the most effective measures that can be taken to protect against bed bugs is to ensure that all of your bedclothes are washed on a weekly basis or more frequently. They should be cleaned at the highest and hottest temperature possible, as the heat will assist in the destruction of any bed bugs that are still alive as well as the eggs that they have laid.


Check the hotel, motel, or rental unit where you will be staying before unpacking your belongings.


The prevention of a bed bug infestation is best accomplished by following each of the suggested to prevent a bed bug infestation. If you think you may already have a problem with bed bugs, you should contact the local bed bug exterminator in your area as soon as possible. If you take preventative measures at an early stage, you can save yourself the hassle and financial burden of more expensive treatments in the future.


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