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Ways to Know If You Have Bed Bugs at Home


Bed bugs are among the most disgusting pests in the world. They’re also adaptable: being natural travelers, they may spread quickly via clothing and luggage to new homes, offices, hotels, airlines, and even retail stores. In this post, we’ll review the signs of bed bugs in your home so you know when to call the experts at Vista Pest Control Company for bed bug control.

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Four symptoms that your house is infested with bed bugs

Please contact our staff if you see any of these bed bug indications in your home.

1. Bed bug bites

This is most certainly the most common way for people to discover they have bed bugs. These bugs are bloodsuckers that like to reside in places with easy access to blood at night, such as your bed.

Because bed bug bites are painless, you may not see or feel the marks until the following morning. Bed bug saliva causes an allergic reaction on your skin, causing the bites to produce painful, red welts.

The problem emerges for many homeowners when they try to distinguish between bed bug bites and mosquito bites. One technique is to log when and where you were bitten. Call Vista Pest Control Company if you observe that most of your tastes are on your feet and hands, which are preferred bed bug targets.

2. Bed bug defecation

Okay, we’ll try not to freak you out, but this is a practical approach for distinguishing bed bugs from other insect bites. Lift your mattress and thoroughly inspect it and the box spring. You can notice bed bugs or observe what they leave behind. Bed bug droppings have reddish-brown stripes. (For an example, see the image below.)

This is, indeed, disgusting. It may also be tough to know what to look for while investigating. To put your mind at ease, call Vista Pest Control Company for a free bed bug inspection.

3. Exoskeletons and eggs

Bed bugs shed their skin. Exoskeletons surrounding the bed frame or mattresses indicate a bed bug infestation. Exoskeletons may also be found in dresser drawers, picture frames, and electrical outlets. They like hiding in molting crevices. Bed bug eggs are relatively small, measuring around 1 mm in diameter, and white.

4. Active monitors

An active monitor that uses chemical lures or carbon monoxide may be utilized to confirm the existence of bed bugs. These monitors are effective at determining whether or not you have bed bugs. However, they are far more costly than just calling us for a free bed bug assessment.

Call Vista Pest Control Company to schedule your free bed bug inspection.

Our pest control professionals thoroughly check your house and utilize sophisticated instruments and years of expertise to detect whether you have bed bugs. If you do, our staff can assist you in entirely removing the infestation. There needs to be more than chemicals purchased in the store. Regarding bed bugs, you need an expert on your side.

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