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Techniques for Getting Rid of Bugs in Your Home


Even if you personally don’t like bugs, they can ruin a quiet outdoor lunch. You might not be aware that some of your routine behaviors really prevent insects, though. In nature, many enticing scents serve a useful purpose by deterring insect pests from resting on plants. Find out more about these odors that repel insects.

Decorative Items to Prevent Bugs

In your medicine cabinet, you might already have several effective insect repellents. The following typical household objects can help ward off insects:  


Use any citronella-containing product to deter flies and other pests. Some individuals use citronella candles or citronella lights to deter insects. Citronella oil is occasionally put onto garments to deter insects. Humans find citronella to be pleasant, yet it repels insects. There are citronella sprays that can be used to quickly and simply scent a whole space.

Menthol Oil

Peppermint oil is a common commodity in modern homes. It will be used to treat a range of medical conditions, including as severe depression and skin conditions. Peppermint oil can be used to repel insects as well. Although most insects stay away from peppermint oil, it has a pleasing aroma to humans. This also results in the death of several insects. Small amounts left throughout the house, particularly in “hot spots” where bugs tend to congregate, will discourage some pests while completely getting rid of others.

Tea Tree Oil

Another top-notch essential oil for insect repellent. The majority of people enjoy the tea tree oil’s aroma, which is comparable to that of pine. Tea tree oil can be used to treat a wide range of household products. Insects will be repelled by the potent aroma of tea tree oil when applied to a cloth.

Vanilla Extract

Other flying insects including mosquitoes do not enjoy the aroma of vanilla essence. Because vanilla extract may be applied straight to the skin without causing any harm, some people use it to repel insects. Any of your household products won’t be harmed by cleaning with vanilla oil. Without offending the locals, the powerful perfume of vanilla essence is sufficient to ward off mosquitoes. 


Due to the strong smell, pests avoid locations where garlic has been utilized. Since the smell of garlic is more detectable when perspiring, regular garlic eaters may report fewer mosquito bites. Similar results are obtained by dispersing garlic roots throughout the house. Although most people cannot smell the strong odor of fresh garlic, it is effective at keeping mosquitoes away. 

Fabric Softener

Pests won’t bother people inside or outside their homes if they use fabric softener sheets. Linalool is a component of many commercially marketed fabric softeners. The chemical has a strong stench that repels flying insects like mosquitoes.

If people choose not to acquire new fabric softener sheets, they must nevertheless be happy with the performance of their old ones. Even if you apply a fabric softener sheet, the linalool can still be present. In addition to making it simple to get rid of insects, this method also allows you to keep using dryer sheets indefinitely. 


People have relied on eucalyptus for a number of medicinal ailments for a very long time. It successfully gets rid of pests and insects. A small piece of cloth soaked in eucalyptus oil can be placed in an area where insects gather to have a big effect.


The greatest solution isn’t always using herbal pesticides. In rare cases, bleach might assist people in getting rid of bothersome insects. Spray detergent that has been softened will work. Insects and other pests can be sprayed away using a diluted soap solution

Other Pest Repelling Methods

Scents used to repel insects may also have positive benefits beyond the home. Prospective buyers are more drawn to homes that smell good. These methods of bug population management will allow many people to recycle their used soap and fabric softener sheets. Eliminating pests without harming animals is ideal and practical. Animals can be harmed by everyday objects, but not humans.


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