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How Do I Stop Pests From Entering My Home


A common question from many locals is how these pests are even getting into my home. Whatever they could was the answer. Many problems in the California area can fit through little gaps; for instance, bark scorpions may squeeze through a crevice just 1/8″ broad or the width of a credit card. Roof rats need more space but can still get in via tiny holes. The chart below lists the four most commercial pest control entry points into Valley homes.

Common pest entry points

Under doorways

Many pests enter your house via this route the most often. Many home front doors do not close securely against the threshold, leaving a tiny opening through which pests may enter. The garage door may not have formed a tight seal against the concrete due to wear and tear.

Roaches and scorpions are two pests that can fit into small areas. Any time light is outside your doors; they will use it to enter your house. It’s the same with windows. A shredded window screen is an apparent issue, but pests may enter a closed window via crevices surrounding the frame.

Weatherstripping around the door may prevent these issues and provide a tight fit inside the frame. The door may also need to be changed. You will have to call a garage door company.

Technician to repair the rubberized seal, also known as the “astragal,” if it is ripped, worn, or otherwise damaged, preventing your garage door from sealing with the ground. Replace window screens with holes or rips, and look for any gaps surrounding the window.

Inside of foundation cracks

Most pests enter homes in the foundation, where your house and the ground connect. It seems reasonable that bugs would use foundation cracks as wall entry points. It’s possible for spiders, termites, cockroaches, and ants to squeeze through microscopic fundamental fractures or gaps. Moisture, food, and warmth all exist in your home, which will entice them inside. Once inside, they can contaminate food, destroy your possessions, and increase. Prevention is vital if you want to keep these pests out of your home. In the following part, we’ll go over the benefits of our foundation cracks sealing technique and home sealing service.

Penetrations in foundations

Every home must have a foundation through which utilities may enter. In each of these areas, there is still a potential that insects may dig tunnels inside your home. Termites are notorious for lurking in the Valley behind sinks and toilets.

Through roof vents

There are several roof vents along the roof line on California stucco homes. These vents are essential for your home because they allow heat and moisture from the roof to escape from the vent in the eave or gable to the vent at the top. Pests, especially roof rats, may exploit them to access your home if they are not secured.

This most often occurs when nearby or overhanging trees are present. Rats scale the trees before emerging upon a branch and breaking into your home. They will then approach the attic’s open vent and climb inside.

So how exactly can you limit access? The roof vents should always be allowed, to start with. Moisture buildup in your roof and attic might result in significant issues. Instead, you should use a metal mesh or other grate-like material to cover more enormous creatures like roof rats from getting in. These covers are already present on your property. Therefore it’s essential to keep them in good condition so they can continue to prevent access to each vent.

The homeowner

This aspect of bug defense isn’t within the scope of home sealing. You should be aware, however, that many pests, including bed bugs, roaches, crickets, and rats, are unintentionally introduced into a property by the owner. These hitchhikers can travel in the luggage from your most recent vacation or the cardboard box containing your online purchase. They all reside there since the homeowner mistakenly allowed them in, regardless of how they arrived.

To prevent this sort of pest infestation in your house, you may take several steps:

— When traveling, take precautions like storing your luggage and personal items on hard surfaces and checking your mattress and couches for bugs before sitting or laying down to prevent the spread of bed bugs. As fast as you can, wash and dry your clothes. You arrive home, along with your luggage.

To avoid allowing more pests in, open any cardboard boxes left outside on the porch before bringing the contents inside one at a time.

– You may open boxes on the porch or in the garage, take the contents inside, and throw away the packaging outside.

With our assistance, you can stop pests from getting in.

Vista Pest Control Company provides house sealing, which may help keep pests out of your home. This 25-step approach begins with assessing pest access spots in your house. Our staff then gets to work sealing or blocking those entrance points. We caulk around air conditioners and electrical boxes, add weatherstripping, screen roof vents, and close windows with caulking.

If pests have plagued your house in the Valley, contact us for a free pest inspection and ask our technicians about our home sealing service.


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