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Do Bed Bugs Die in the Heat?

Do Bed Bugs Die in the Heat?


Heat treatments are one of the most often used techniques for removing bed bug infestations. However, it’s crucial to remember that heat treatments might not completely eradicate bed bugs if carried out improperly.

What Heat Does to Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs are notorious for being challenging to eradicate, they are not unbeatable. If bed bugs are exposed to intense heat for an extended period of time, they can be destroyed. Temperatures of 113 degrees Fahrenheit or greater must be maintained for at least 90 minutes in order to kill bed bugs. Higher temperatures can cause bed bugs to die more quickly, but this procedure should only be carried out by experts.

Do home heat treatments for bed bugs work?

It makes sense to want to deal with a bed bug issue as quickly as possible, and for many individuals, DIY treatments are their first port of call. In an effort to eradicate bed bugs, people frequently use hair dryers, radiators, and portable electric warmers. But will these home remedies actually be effective?

If you’re thinking about performing a DIY bed bug heat treatment, bear these things in mind:

  • Bed bugs have a history of evading numerous treatments, including heat. Because they are so tiny, bed bugs may conceal themselves in even the tiniest cracks. They can fit through gaps in baseboards, box springs, and even the seams of mattresses. You run the risk of them escaping only to reappear if you do not completely close off every entry point and cover the area.
  • It might be really difficult to determine how hot your heat source is. You won’t always be aware if you’re at fatal temps if you’re using a regular space heater. On the other hand, if your gadget is operating too hotly, you risk damaging your home or ruining heat-sensitive goods.
  • It is possible to get rid of bed bugs from contaminated linens and sheets by drying them in a clothes dryer. Any working dryer should be able to achieve temperatures high enough to eradicate bed bugs. Unfortunately, a typical dryer has a limited capacity. Having said that, you may definitely lower your chance of bringing bed bugs into your house by emptying any items that can be dried in a dryer into the dryer as soon as you return from a trip. This approach is great for taking preventative measures, but it won’t work if bed bugs have already made their way into your furniture.

Additional Bed Bug Control Methods


A bed bug fumigation involves spraying your entire home or building with a big amount of highly concentrated insecticides. Only licensed personnel are permitted to execute fumigations, and not all pest control firms are able to provide this specialized service. Fortunately, we have professionals who specialize in tape-and-seal and tented fumigations, as well as other bed bug treatments.

Chemical Treatments in Liquids

Liquid treatments could sometimes be a good technique to deal with a bed insect issue. However, other therapies are frequently combined with this approach. If this should be a part of your plan to get rid of bed bugs, a qualified pest control inspector can tell you.


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