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I Was Bitten by a Cockroach: 5 Fast Remedies


Cockroach bites can be extremely painful and annoying. Most of these bites happen at night and often target the mouth, face, hands, and fingers. The bites leave behind an itchy red welt that is not only uncomfortable but also unsightly. Cockroaches are known to carry many different types of bacteria, when they bite you, the bite can lead to inflammation and, in other cases, an infection if it’s not properly taken care of. This article will provide five fast remedies that you can try at home, for fast relief.


The symptoms for these kinds of bites vary depending on your skin’s sensitivity and allergies. The initial symptoms associated include pain, redness, and itching. The affected skin area will begin to swell within hours after being bitten. Fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting are additional side effects of bug bites, especially in those who are chemically sensitive to the bug’s saliva.


#1: Clean the Area Around the Bite

The first thing you should do after getting bitten by an insect is to wash the wound with soap and water. This will help remove any bacteria that may have been transferred from the bug’s saliva during the bite. Cleaning their bites with soap and water can help to instantly cleanse the area and lower the risk of infection because these bugs grow and thrive in unsanitary conditions.

#2: Make use of a cold compress

Applying a cold compress immediately to the bite site is the next treatment option. A cold compress helps to chill the area around the bite, albeit it may not always be enough to heal the wound. A cold compress will assist to lessen swelling and offer quick relief from the bite’s stinging discomfort. Use whatever kind of cold compress you have on hand, including one composed of ice cubes and a towel. For the greatest relief, you might need to repeat this multiple times each day.

#3: Use an Antiseptic

A substance is known as an antiseptic aid in stopping the spread of germs and other microbes. Ethyl alcohol can be used as an antiseptic, but if you find it to be too potent, hydrogen peroxide is another choice. Hydrogen peroxide can help kill some of the bacteria that the bug carried with its bite. For three to four days, you can also put an antimicrobial ointment on your bite to help with healing, minimize swelling, and guard against infection.

#4: Get Over the Counter Medication

Sometimes, home remedies are not enough. If you realize that the swelling has not gone down hours later despite you cleaning the bite, using an antiseptic and a cold compress, it might be time to get over-the-counter medication. As you get over medication for the bite, you can also ask your pharmacist for pain medication like ibuprofen. This will help you find some quick relief from the symptoms of the bite.

#5: Avoid Scratching

It’s human nature to want to itch an itchy red welt but avoid scratching, picking, popping, or squeezing around this area as you could increase your risk of getting an infection if bacteria gets into deeper layers of skin. Instead, use ice packs, and over-the-counter medication to relieve symptoms caused by itching associated with the bites.

How to Avoid Cockroach Bites

The best way to avoid these bites is to keep your home clean and free of clutter. These bugs are most commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and garages so they can feed on food scraps or other organic matter that may have been spilled. Keeping these areas as clean as possible will help eliminate a popular breeding ground for them around your house, reducing the chances of you getting bitten by one again. Ensure you also check the structure of your home to fix any cracks, crevices, gaps, or even pipes that could be inviting these pests into your home.

Not treating a cockroach bite can be potentially harmful to your health, especially if the ones around you move around carrying all types of bacteria. Fortunately, there are fast remedies for these bites, that you can do by yourself at home. See a doctor, nevertheless, if any of your symptoms are severe.


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