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Carpet Beetle Rash & Bites: Allergic Reactions & Side Effects


Carpet beetle is a type of pest that hides either in the carpet or any other dark place where you cannot easily notice it. It is tiny in size, which complicates the possibility of seeing it even more. If you sleep or lay on the carpet, they may bite you. The bite has some side effects to some people while others do not experience them. Therefore, this article will analyze the allergic reaction and side effects of bites from a carpet beetle.

Common Allergic Reactions

Redness on the Skin

This is the first side effect of carpet beetle bite. You may notice it on your hands, shoulders, backside, thighs, or any other body part the beetle managed to bite. It messes with your body appearance because the patches create a terrible site. The redness can also persist for a long time if they are not treated as early as possible.


Itchiness on the Red Spots

The itchiness is so severe that you can barely get some sleep. The worst thing about it is that no matter how hard and frequent you scratch, it does not disappear. Also, it does not stay in a single place. It will spread to the rest of the body and cause a lot of inconveniences.

Runny Nose

A running nose is also among the side effects of a carpet beetle bite. Like the redness and the itchiness, it is also persistent hence you will be forced to carry and use the handkerchief all the time.

Gastrointestinal Problems

If a carpet beetle bites you, you may experience issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and lactose intolerance. These effects are pretty uncomfortable, especially if you are going to work or an event.

Even though carpet beetles are small and not easily noticed, their extermination from your house is not a complicated thing. There are excellent pest control practices that can help with this.

Clean Your Carpet Regularly

This is straightforward as it sounds. It will help wipe away any beetle eggs on the carpet and prevent their multiplication. Spraying them with natural pesticides will make the process even more effective.

Seal Holes and Cracks

The carpet beetles do not have to find it easy getting into your house in the first place. They access it by passing through the small holes or cracks around your home. To prevent their entry, ensure that they are all sealed, whether they are on the walls, doors, or windows.

Clean Natural Fabrics

It is also an effective carpet beetle exterminator. The beetles will always target the natural fabrics placed in your house, such as furniture, silk, or clothing. That is because they find a haven in them since they will not be seen. Therefore, always ensure that they are clean.

Natural insecticides are especially effective on furniture. They include peppermint oil and olive oil. Their odor is what will keep the beetles away from your furniture.


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